The two comprise partnered at one point, but reached a breaking point as their matrimony

The two comprise partnered at one point, but reached a breaking point as their matrimony

Statement is actually shorter than his family, waiting at 5’8. He is heavy with peach body and a paler tanline definitely hidden by their white container top, a circular chin, and mild red-brown hair definitely balding on top, although the remainder of his body is ironically hairy. He’s unmaintained eyebrows. Unlike a lot of the other figures, his attention become small and circular.

Statement usually wears a white tank top, blue denim jeans and brown operate shoes

Whenever expenses was actually young, he had been a muscular, positive, lady-killing competitor with longer flowing, wild hair.


Expenses is considered the personification of pathetic. He or she is described as becoming good but typically despondent and lonely; his daunting need to make folk like him tends to make your effortlessly exploited, specifically by Dale.

He is one person to end up being discussed whenever any dynamics identifies losers or bemoans a misfortune for worry her life shall be destroyed, like their. As an example, Hank as soon as, while advising Peggy that a lawn produces a man one and provides your a purpose, says “Without my personal grass, i’m costs.” Despite all of them believing they are pathetic and disgusting, Hank, with Dale and Boomhauer apparently agreeing, horizon him as daring, truthful, nice, “like a large ‘ol filled teddy-bear”.


Lenore Dauterive

ended up being fast falling apart. Per Hank, both would often dispute noisy enough for the community to know. Lenore rapidly ceased enjoying Bill, as she would often hack on him, thereby the two divorced. The divorce proceedings described to-be “the worst divorce this county possess previously seen”, seriously implying the divorce was indeed unpleasant and disorderly.

Throughout very early months, he usually pined for Lenore to come back after she ran out on him, but he was significantly effective obtaining over this lady in the occurrence “quite, quite clothes” after Hank holiday resorts to acting are Lenore. Costs subsequently finally symbolically confronts Lenore for leaving your, and after becoming advised “I really don’t love your any longer” he gets enraged and yells “that you do not need William Fontaine De los angeles concert tour Dauterive!”.

In post-divorce, it’s found very often that statement still cherished their along with an extremely hassle recovering from the separation and divorce, to in which the guy started balding, gaining weight, and having depressive periods. He frequently covers the lady as well as the divorce proceedings, often busting into rips after ward. It could usually end up being thought that her leaving your had been the main cause for his volitile manner. At one-point, costs claims “i am therefore depressed, i can not even blink.”

During “Hank therefore the Great cup Elevator”, this lady physical debut and just physical appearance from inside the show, Lenore experimented with attempting to worm this lady in the past into costs’s existence when he turned visible while dating former Colorado governor Ann Richards. Lenore tries buying expenses around before Ann Richards but the guy eventually tells her off by mooning her.

In the beginning, costs and Leanne have along alright, as the second had actually began flirting

relatively unfazed by their look. They might shop with each other, and she’d massage Bill’s feet. Costs quickly fell so in love with the lady, proposing to her within times of satisfying their.

But greatly dropped into a tremendously poor union, as Leanne started ingesting again to keep this lady notice from Bill’s fungus-infested toes to rub all of them, as he could not manage to refill his medications considering Leanne’s shops routines. Leanne reverted to the girl drunken violent methods, usually punching and throwing things at expenses to the stage of him having several bruises, even a black eye. She would typically insult your, especially about their body weight and fungus-infested base.

After getting fended off by Peggy, Leanne stumbles into their truck, driving down on it and taking they. Bill decides to not ever name law enforcement, but stated he’d if she are another. The two have not interacted since.

Peggy Hill

Bill has actually always got powerful, obsessive ideas for Peggy, though these thoughts tend to be absolutely unrequited. He regularly renders bumbling remarks about the girl that are inappropriate to express in front of Hank. It really is possible that statement is so enamored of Peggy because he themselves can be so weak-willed and she actually is very head-strong. Peggy, due to their gigantic pride and endless self-perception, rarely shows empathy for statement and is definitely repulsed by your, insulting your at any opportunity without regard for their ideas. The woman is extremely strong and outspoken about the girl disgust of him, to their face in order to other individuals. She really does sporadically program kindness towards him, but often it’s whenever she can seemingly get something from your. Although she hurts expenses frequently along with many different ways, it isn’t really all deliberate. Often itis just because Bill provides the worst luck worldwide. Within the event “Grab myself outside of the pastime,” during a baseball games in which Peggy and Bill had been on opposing side, she unintentionally beaned your with a hardball, slamming your into ground. Another pitch of hers accidentally hit right at his crotch, placing him in excruciating discomfort and embarrassment. Another opportunity, she hit him on bleachers, unintentionally slamming him on the floor which resulted in his arm in a sling. She once stole their prized United states banner and inadvertently damaged they, travel him to tears. But despite all of this, she states she considers him “a pal” and will show empathy.

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